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Incoming Undergraduate Software Information

Welcome New Hokies!

We are the Virginia Tech Software Service Center and we're excited to be able to serve and support you throughout your academic career here at Virginia Tech. We know that there is an awful lot of information being sent to you in these weeks before the Fall semester begins, so we put this page together as a quick reference for all of your software questions.

Undergraduate Software Bundle

The Undergraduate Bundle provides students with access to the Microsoft Office applications for Windows, macOS, and mobile devices, as well as the Microsoft Windows operating system. Software updates are provided for as long as you are enrolled in credit hours at Virginia Tech.

All incoming undergraduate students are REQUIRED to purchase the Undergraduate Software Bundle. This requirement ensures that all undergraduate students have access to the latest versions of Office and the Windows operating system.  The bundle provides you with upgrades as long as you remain an undergraduate at Virginia Tech.

The cost of the 2023 Undergraduate Bundle is $67 + tax and incoming students are billed for the cost on their first tuition bill.

NOTE: All software charges are billed through the Bursar's Office.

In order to get access to the software in the Undergraduate Bundle, you will first need to accept the licensing terms at the link below. Please note, it may take up to 30 minutes after accepting the licensing terms before your Office 365 license is available.

Accept the Undergraduate Bundle License Agreement and Get Access to Your Software

Your Office 365 license can be installed on up to 5 computers and 5 mobile devices at the same time. Computers/devices can be deactived if necessary.

In order to ensure that all students have access to the same software, versions, and software services as their classmates and instructors, the University requires that all students purchase the Undergraduate Bundle through Virginia Tech, regardless of access to software through outside sources. If you have any questions about the Bundle or the requirement, please contact the Software Service Center at or

Major Specific Software

Certain majors require that students purchase additional software to complete their coursework.  This software supplements the Undergraduate Bundle and does not replace it.

Students in the following areas have major specific software they are required to purchase:

Prices for the upcoming 2023 major specific software will not be set until shortly before the start of the Fall semester. Doing this ensures that we get the most accurate enrollment numbers and can set the price as low as possible.

NOTE: All software charges are billed through the Bursar's Office.

For the Fall 2023 term, we will be billing students automatically for their major specific software prior to the start of classes. Once billing is complete, you will receive an email with information about your software and how to access it.

Need Software Not In Your Bundle(s)?

Students who need to purchase software that is not included with their major specific software can place an online order, beginning August 17, by following the instructions at