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How to Order

Departmental Software will ONLY accept orders placed through HokieMart

Instructions for submitting a HokieMart order:

  • Departmental Software is an internal vendor.
  • The HokieMart Supplier is VT Departmental Software.
  • Use one line item to enter all software and one total.
  • Please include all attachments as External attachments.
  • All orders require a Departmental Software Order Form (DSOF).
  • Attach license agreement, if required.

Reasons for returning to department before fulfilling order:

  • More than one line item.
  • Incorrect fund number (i.e., foundation fund).
  • Mix of federal and university funds.
  • Incorrect price.
  • Missing form and/or license agreement (if required).

Order details:

  • License codes will be sent to the e-mail address listed on the DSOF.
  • If physical media is required, such as a DVD, please contact