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Duo D-100 Tokens for Retirees

The Duo security token is used by members of the Virginia Tech community as a second-factor authentication device to gain access to services protected by Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) in instances when a phone is not a viable second-factor option. Users press a button on the device to generate a 6-digit code that will be entered into the passcode field when logging into a service that requires 2FA.

The cost of a Duo D-100 token is $27 + tax and shipping charges may apply. 

There are two ways to purchase a token depending on your location.

Option 1 (off campus):

  1. Print and complete the order form. (You will need to provide your VT ID number on the form.)
  2. The completed form can be submitted via e-mail to, faxed to 540-231-7634, or mailed to:
    Virginia Tech Software Service Center
    3240 Torgersen Hall
    Blacksburg, VA 24061
  3. Do not send payment to the Software Service Center. The Duo Token will be shipped upon receipt of the request (shipping charge of $7.50 applies) and the Bursar’s Office will bill the purchaser.
  4. Once you receive your Duo token, follow the Duo D-100 Token Enrollment Instructions to enroll your token.

Option 2 (on campus):

Stop by the Software Service Center at 3240 Torgersen Hall to purchase a Duo Token in person. The Bursar’s Office will bill the purchaser. No payment is accepted at the Software Service Center.